Sunday, May 13, 2012


Seeing how its Mothers Day, this seems like a PERFECT post!!! I had a shoot yesterday with one of my friends from High School and her BEAUTIFUL and sweet little girl, Amyra. Missy loved the camera, and the camera loved HER! hehe! We had so much fun catching up and letting me just shoot the two of them being super natural, loving, and affectionate in front of the camera! I love the shots I was able to get that just show the love between these two!


My dear friend Sarah is the BEAUTIFUL bride in these photos. As most of you know, I am currently expecting so all of the wedding inquiries I have had recently I have had to turn down. This wedding I photographed was more of a photoshoot for the bride and groom then the full on 5 hour ceremony and reception photography that normally goes in to shooting a wedding. I just wanted to say that first so I didn't offend any one who had recently asked about me shooting a wedding. Now that Ive gotten that off my chest let me show you these photos of this gorgeous couple on their beautiful day! They looked absolutely perfect and the weather was IDEAL! Congrats Sarah and Kyle, I am SO happy for you two!