Behind the Lens

I AM a wife and a momma first and foremost, but photography has become one of the biggest passions in life! I love capturing a moment for someone that they will be able to cherish forever. Being behind the lens is like my second home! Sure I will help direct during the shoot but I try my hardest to capture moments when my clients are happy, natural, and comfortable.

WHY DID I BECOME A PHOTOGRAPHER?? Simple... my daughter. I wanted to capture every single moment of her childhood. The way her curls fell on the back of her neck, the way she gazed up at me when she saw something that wowed her like she was getting a seal of approval from me to ooh at it, the crooked smile and squinted eyes that looked back at me every morning I woke her up and sang to her in the morning. I was so caught up in capturing these moments in the hopes that one day I will be able to pull out these photos and almost hear the laughter or sweet little voice through the photos. My passion for photographing my daughter turned into passion to try and capture small moments for family and friends, and now.... my clients:) I love what I do and wouldnt give it up for any other job in the world!

I ONLY HOPE you will love the photos as much as I love taking them!!!!


  1. Beautiful picture...your girls are just gorgeous!!!!

  2. absolutely love your work!!! I wish I could only be as good at you someday :)