Friday, May 17, 2013


GAAAAH!!!! Let me say this again GAAAAAAAH!! Ok. Got that out of my system. This session is hands down one of my favorites of all time. If you have followed my blog for a while then you will have recognized Jenna from a lot of her shoots recently. We did a lifestyle maternity shoot in this same room a couple months back, and then about 4 posts back you will find Lein's birth photography blog post. I don't think I could ask for better lighting. I may ask Jenna to lend me out her room a couple times a month. KIDDING. Well, kinda:) 

Side note. The top photo was taken at Jenna's maternity shoot just as any other shot we took. I texted Jenna though after the shoot and threw out the idea of taking one of her maternity photos and recreating it but holding Lein. We decided minutes before the shoot though that THIS would be the shot we would create and it turned out simply AH-MAZING!!!! One of my favorites ever. 


Ummm I seriously love newborn sessions. No joke. It may take a while to get the baby to be super super sleepy and I may or may not get peed on,  BUT the pics are soooo worth it in the end:) Ezra was no exception. Seriously the cutest little thing, LOVE his name, and when he finally gave up, fell asleep, and let me pose him, we got the cuuuuutest shots!!! 


Little man is two!!! I photographed Colton's 1 year photos so you can imagine I was ECSTATIC to hear from his momma for his two year photos:) He is such a serious little boy. but even the slightest of smirks are seriously the cutest!!!!


I was SO excited to work with this little family! Keri entered my photo contest I had a few months back and actually was in the running for a really long time. Even though she didn't win, she contacted me soon after and scheduled a session! Thinking Spring would be great weather we scheduled it for early May. It turned out to be HOT that day, but they were all troopers and trekked right along with pics:)

Friday, May 10, 2013


And now the post Ive been waiting to get my hands on. Sure it was just yesterday. BUT I love this family. No, like REALLY love this family. Kaylee is one of my best friends!! She and Josh will be getting married in July and I will be a bridesmaid in their wedding. I cant even explain how honored and excited I will be to stand at that alter and whitness them exchange vows:) I love you three. Thank you for being such important people in our lives!!!