What to Wear

I have had a lot of clients ask me "what should we wear?", so I thought I would put this together to help them out. This is NOT a guideline of what you have to wear by any means. Just a helpful tool in case you needed some ideas:)

1. START WITH A MAIN PIECE. Choose one person’s clothing first and then base the other outfits around that one outfit. You dont need to go buy a complete new wardrobe for each person in your family. Just start with one major piece and then build off of colors or patterns to create other complimenting looks.

2. COMFORT. Whether it be jeans, a dress, or leggings, if you are comfortable in what you wear, it will show in the photos. Sure some husbands may grunt when there wife lays out there outfit, but know that if he isn't comfortable during the shoot and constantly has to pull and tug to re adjust it will show in the photos! Dressy is always great, as long as everyone is comfortable to move around, be themselves, and loosen up, then we will be good to go!

3. LAYERS. Layers and texture are always good in pictures. Whether it be a scarf, a chunky necklace or for me a tie or a pullover. For children the possibilities are endless!  Leggings and dresses or vests and boots. Parents, you know your children's personalities best so bring that out in there outfit as much as possible!

4. COLOR. It's always refreshing when my clients show up with a pop of color! White is always GREAT, but if you wear white outdoors I recommend that you break it up with some type of colored accessory.  Colors don’t have to match perfectly so don’t be afraid of going with different shades of a particular color. 

5. BE YOU. The best advice I can offer is to BE YOU. It's always so nice to have each of your personalities shining though. The sweetest pictures are the most honest ones. Breaking out the trusty chucks for a shoot can always can for the most real and personal photos:)