Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Im pretty positive Im making you guys sick and tired of hearing how much I LOOOOOVE doing birth photography. LOVE it. Did I say love? Hehe! You might recognize this beautiful couple from a maternity shoot I did just last month! Momma was admitted early in the morning and put on pitocin to jump start labor a bit. Boy am I glad I went to the hospital when I did because this lucky gal had a quick labor! One minute she was at a 5 and I swear the next she was fully dilated! It was so quick! But of course thats good for momma:) Just a couple of pushes later Lucas entered the world! It was such a calm room too. Angie didn't make a peep while pushing and everyone looked on silently with tears in their eyes as Lucas just slowly came out. It was awesome to witness! About 30 minutes after he was born, big sister Lily came in and met her new little brother. She did SO good! She was so sweet and so calm. It was just adorable:)