Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Usually I dont put first and middle name up for my blog posts but this one was an exception. When it came to names Momma wanted Makenna and Daddy wanted Palmer. The agreement? Makenna Palmer! Deal! So during the shoot I kept hearing Momma call her Makenna and Dad call her Palmer. Loved both names, but I have to say you never hear Palmer! I thought it was cute and frankly I think she looks like a Palmer:) Can we oogle over her GORGEOUS hair too??? Gaaah! 


So there is a first for everything. This was my first. First re shoot! I got little Evelyn in for her pics when she was 6 days old. Typically its normal for a newborn not to settle down for almost an hour. But little one just wasn't feeling her session. We spent three hours trying to make her nice and comfy, but it was a no go. So we all decided to try again in a couple days. Bingo! That was the trick! She came back for her session again two days later and was just perfection:) 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


EEP! Seriously stunning family coming your way. Like gorgeous. I photographed little Ezra's newborn pics just a couple months ago and now he is 10 weeks old!!!! Sweetness even gave me a smile in one of the shots with his big brother Aschlei:)


When Carlie approached me with this concept for the shoot I got SO excited. She wanted to have photos done with her mom, grandma, and daughter. Thats 4 generations of women! How awesome and special is that!!??


This was my first time working with this family. Luckily it wont be our last because I will be photographing Ariella's newborn pics whenever she makes her debut at the end of this month!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Ummm I can literally gaurantee I photographed the happiest newborn ever yesterday. Wanna bet? Meet Max. He was SUCH a good baby, and happier then any other. It was so cute to photograph the little smiles. Each time I was about to set my camera down sure enough a little smirk would start to emerge. So excited I was able to catch most of them!