Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I photographed a delivery last week. A delivery that was incredibly fast for a first time momma. I think that if I had not come right after I got off the phone I probably would have missed the delivery! Anywho. This precious, perfect, loveable little one is the product of that delivery. JULIAN! Dont you just love his name? He has to be one of the easiest newborns I have ever photographed. I could have snuggled him all day. BUUUT I dont think Mom and Dad would of loved the idea ;) Congrats Nki and Ryan! You guys are one of the most loving couples I have ever had the privilege of meeting:) 


Another beautiful belly on the blog! I love when my clients are up for anything and completely let me take the lead with a vision. This momma has to be one of the easiest ever!!! On my way to our shoot to meet this couple for our session I found a new location! So, what did I do? Picked up the phone and right away called Melissa and said "sooooo I think I want to change locations". She, on the other end, said "great! Just tell me where?" What?? How did I get so lucky with such awesome clients?? :)


Love, love, LOVE extended family shoots. You would think it sounds super intimidating to photograph a large family of 14. But I will have to disagree! I love it:) I think maybe its because I love seeing how families interact. There was laughter and love. The best kind. Why wouldn't I want to surround myself with these wonderful people!


Love all these expectant mommas Im getting lately! I think I have booked 3 maternity shoots in the last week for sessions out in Spring/early summer! I had the privilege of photographing a high school classmate of mine, Jenn! Her belly was so little still. I think there were a few times I had to tell her nope well have to change your position because your belly disappeared;) Wouldn't we all love to have that problem when we were pregnant??!! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


OK... *tear* Bryson is ONE!!! Do you know what this means folks?? I have been photographing this seriously adorable little dude every 3 months for the past year! Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and now his 1 year pics. I am going to miss seeing him every 3 months!! WAAAH! Momma assured they will be back for Christmas and birthdays, BUT I will miss seeing his sweet face on a regular basis:( Mr. Bryson you will be a big toddler by the time I see you next:)

This first photo is his newborn shoot compared to his 1 year shoot. What a handsome little thing:)