Thursday, March 21, 2013


Not sure where to begin this post... I think I have started typing, deleted, and started again 3 times now. I DO know I can say THIS, In my entire career as a photographer this was hands down the most powerful photo session I've ever had. Stefanie was diagnosed with cancer in the beginning of her pregnancy.  She was strong enough to keep her baby and still go head on with chemo. The moment when Stefanie chose to take off her wig and be photographed without one was just powerful. Thats really the only way I know how to describe it! You could tell it was liberating for her. She was strong. and proud. And I was honored to be the one behind the camera photographing this time in her life for her. Side note: This photo shoot was about 2 weeks ago now. Sweet baby Eva? She's here!!!! YEP. She is here, and healthy. Arrived 3/16/13 and weighing in at a teeny tiny 5lbs 11oz. How can you not believe in miracles???


EEEEP! I seriously think I said that when Kaylee and Tyler's momma first contacted me about photographing her newborn TWINS! I haven't been able to photograph twins for about a year so I was beyond excited to get the opportunity to again! Kaylee and Tyler have a big brother so we did half of the shoot as a lifestyle shoot and incorporated the whole family:)


LOVE photographing such beautiful Momma to be's. Allissa, ummm if she didnt turn to the side you wouldnt even notice her adorable little baby bump!! Allissa & Dave are keeping the gender of the baby a surprise! So fun right!? I cant wait to photograph this new precious baby in just a couple months and find out what the baby is. My guess? Boy. But I guess we will seeeee:)


This is my 2nd time now working with this seriously gorgeous family!!!! How perfect are they??? It was just as much fun as the first shoot. Lots of smiles and giggles:) Last time I worked with them I only had one little girl. This time when I caught myself looking at this family and thinking this is how my family will look in a few years since we now have two girls as well! I only HOPE I look as great as this momma though! I mean seriously! Lu, you are STUNNING!


I love photographing mothers and children. I think as a momma, most of us are behind the camera. Its good to make sure you step in front of it and capture as many memories with your littles as possible. They are only little once:)