Friday, April 26, 2013


I do not think I have ever had a baby sleep start to finish of a shoot. But Luke? He slept the WHOLE time. Seriously I cant even explain to you how easy he made it. There were a few times he popped his eyes open to go #1 or #2. But when he was done eyes were closed again. Haha! And look at that face! Gaaah!


8lbs 11oz of just a pure love. Ruegar was such a little doll to photograph. I loved all the squishness about him!!!! Goodness he was SOOOO cute! This was my first time photographing him, but momma said she plans to do the grow with me package so I cant wait to see him grow:)


My goodness I adore this child. Her momma and I are good friends and our girls often have playdates. Ive been photographing her for about a year and a half now and I dont think I have ever snapped a bad frame of this sweet adorable face. I mean seriously! Could she be any cuter????

Thursday, April 25, 2013


This was my first time working with this adorable little family.  They were actually referred to me from a couple other dear clients of mine. SO happy they referred them because I truly loved working with them:)


LOOOOVE Maternity shoots and its even better when A) Momma to be is glowing and B) you know mom and dad are so in love. These two? Theyve been together since High School! How sweet is that:)